Why Dragon Speech Recognition Software?

Dragon speech recognition software is 3 times faster than typing and up to 99% accurate. After years of development, this technology has advanced to the point where voice or speech recognition software is not only possible, but affordable.  Dragon Speech Recognition Software is perfect for students, professionals or anyone who would rather talk than type.

The Pentium III processor was developed partially to provide a faster and more reliable platform for voice recognition.  The result, is speech recognition software today is faster, more efficient and more cost effective.

Using the Dragon speech recognition software, you can write faster, increase productivity, and free yourself from being chained to your computer keyboard.  It is a new way of interacting with your computer by using speech instead of a keyboard.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 is Here!

Dragon Speech Recognition Software is the most popular speech recognition software and it is three times faster than typing.  It allows you to:

  • Dictate, edit and format documents
  • Send email and instant messages
  • Create spreadsheets and presentations
  • Search your desktop or the web
  • Schedule appointments

Dragon Speech Recognition Software comes with 90 days free customer support.

It’s a simple matter of installing the program, dictating a few sample paragraphs, allowing the software to scan existing documents in your computer and going to work.  It is accurate after dictating the sample paragraphs however the longer you use the dragon speech recognition software the better it works. Activation instructions are simple.

Dragon speech recognition software premium comes with a superior headphone. However customers indicated that less expensive versions may require a headphone upgrade for better software performance.

Students complained that the education validation process was time consuming; but if you have an .edu email address, it is painless and only takes a few minutes to set up and verify.  Home schooled students are also eligible for student discounts.


“The SOFTWARE IS SUPERB, EASY TO INSTALL (I went slow and was done in 40 minutes), and comes with a really NICE FOLDER listing all of the “COMMANDS” you can use to structure and organize materials, including TAB WORK for performing accounting work.” By NY1

“I have a physical disability which renders my hands useless in terms of typing. My school arranged for me to get this software, and after some tweaking and learning it has allowed me to write extensive research reports and interact on the internet along with some other adaptive technologies. Until this I had to have someone type and scribe tests and essays for me, which is long and frustrating. This software has opened up new pathways to living and being educated on my own terms.  I will say that if you’re expecting it to be perfect right off you’re a bit unrealistic, it takes a while to get comfortable using it, and that’s really half the battle.” By Pam

Dragon Speech Recognition Software is good for people with dyslexia and arthritis.  It is good with technical terms, chemical compound names, engineering terms and medical terminology. Dragon speech recognition software has no problem understanding  medical terms like cardiomyopathy and left atrial myxoma.

Who Should Use Dragon
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Dragon speech recognition software works for everyone and anyone who would rather talk than type.  However, if you or someone you know is affected by Peripheral Neuropathy, tendinitis or arthritis, speech recognition software will give them the ability to operate their computers by voice.  There are more than 100 types of arthritis.

Arthritis symptoms consist of inflammation, pain, and stiffness. No matter which type of arthritis you have if it affects your hands, neck or back, Dragon Speech Recognition software can help.

Voice recognition software is perfect for people who endure pinched or compressed nerves. One of the most common symptoms of a pinched or compressed nerve is the feeling that a foot or hand has fallen asleep.

Pinched nerves can sometimes lead to other conditions such as peripheral neuropathy or carpal tunnel. Speech recognition software would be a definite advantage to someone who suffers with this condition, or anyone living with paralysis.

Students with learning disabilities who have depended on parents, teachers, or friends to transcribe their papers as they dictate are now able to become more independent as writers and learners. Dragon voice recognition software eliminates handwriting and spelling problems as long as you speak it correctly.

Dragon Speech Recognition Software is perfect for students, professionals or anyone who would rather talk than type.

Dragon speech recognition software premium has the ability to add terminology by scanning your existing documents.  In addition there is an option to select different dialects.

Make sure you have enough speed and memory for the software to work efficiently. Speech recognition technology (SRT) requires large amounts of memory to store voice files.

Customers indicated that the correction process is time consuming, but keep in mind that the more you use the software the more consistently it performs. Dragon speech recognition software allows you to work together with your computer in a more comfortable and efficient manner.

Customer service from Nuance, the manufacturer is considered to need much improvement.  Nuance is a leading provider of voice solutions for businesses and consumers.